31 de julio de 2016

#Interview S.M. Lumetta talks about her upcoming book "You are here"

A few days ago, I wrote about "You are here", the SM Lumetta debut novel. And maybe some of you don't have any idea about who's this lady. Well, I talked with her, and I'm going to share part of our chat with you in order to introduce her. 

All my questions are marked with a M, and her answers with a S. Enjoy it!

* * *

M: First of all, nice to meet you. For all those readers doesn't know who's SM Lumetta, can you introduce yourself? :)

S: Thank you! Nice to meet you as well! Who am I? I am a longtime wannabe writer who finally said, "I'm just going to do it." I grew up in the Detroit area in Michigan and several years ago now, I moved to NYC. I've written in some form on and off since I was a kid. I have a box of old notebooks with the most cringeworthy of juvenile romances. We're talking melodrama at it's hormone-riddled finest. (I should probably burn the lot, but it's comedic therapy in a way, so I keep it.) For me, it always comes back to the love story. I want to experience that passion, be it true love or a hateful disaster. So when I started writing with the intent to be an author, I wanted a love story at the heart of it all.

M: I first read you on "Felony Ever After" and had lots of fun with the book, talk me about that experience.

S: Without a doubt, it really was a blast and absolutely an honor. It felt like a storytelling "TAG, you're it!" game at author summer camp or something. The whole time, I was mentally jumping up and down, "Is it my turn yet? My turn?" Of course, there were all sorts of concerns whether it would end up being a steaming pile, but thankfully (in large part to our amazing editor, and Debra & Helena), it worked. I'm so proud of it and I hope someday we can do it again.

M: Your new book is almost here... what can I expect about this novel?

S: You Are Here is a story about healing, ultimately, and how two people help each other find peace with their pasts. There's a lot going on, because both Lucie and Greyson are dragging some serious baggage, and only one of them is actively dealing with it when we first meet them. So, expect a little angst, some sexy, some funny (their friends' banter are so fun to write), and a little paranormal (Lucie is clairvoyant).

M: What can you say about the characters?

S: Lucie is a positive force. She has experienced some horrible things, but from page one, she doesn't remember them. There are many things that frustrate her, but her premonitions of Grey are the carrot dangled in front of her. She finds

M: The cover is gorgeous, also I've seen your name related with some of my favorite books lately, can you talk about your artsy side?

S: Thank you so much! I'm really happy with it. My artsy side... well, I've always loved photography and artsy endeavors, but about ten years ago I went back to school for graphic design. Since then, I've worked the day job as a designer in some capacity. When I was able to parlay that into doing covers for books that I loved, it was simply kismet.

M: What are your plans after "You are here"? 

S: I have a few novels in the works, but the most prominent one is a rom-com, friends-to-lovers style. Of course, I cannot help myself but to inject a bit of drama, but it will not overwhelm the fun (and funny). I'm really excited for these characters—they are truly a riot to write together. After that, I have a truly paranormal romance that I've been dying to finish. It needs a lot of attention and work, so I'm looking forward to that.

M: If your readers want to stalk you on Social Media, where they can find you?

S: I'm on Facebook, Twitter, and I love Instagram! Links here: https://www.facebook.com/SMLumetta/ and @smlumetta (for both Twitter and Instagram)

M: Do you want to send any message for the hispanic readers community?

S: La lectura es amor! (Reading is love — if Google steered me wrong, I'm so sorry! Most of my Spanish is computer generated, sadly). In any case, I hope you enjoy Lucie and Grey's romantic adventure! :) 

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