19 de septiembre de 2016

#Review SUMMER IN TINTAGEL by Amanda James

You know that feeling when you're about to start a trip... when you're excited but scared because you have no idea what you'll find in the road? I started this novel that way. 

The cover has such a dramatic vibe, maybe is about the colors... truth be told, it was the first thing that I loved about the book. Then I started to read and inmediately I get caught by a vibrant narration, full of detailed descriptions about places and feelings... and in one moment I was at home, sitting in the couch reading and in the next, I was beside Rosa getting ready to start a journey full of magic and wonders. I've never been in England, but for moments I could see the waves striking the coast in Tintagel and smell the salty air of the beach. 

All started with Jocelyn, Rosa's gran. She ask her to make a trip right after tell her some secrets about her past. There was something tragic about her life. All that she suffered, a lost love, the broken hopes..., Jocelyn just needed to mend some mistakes before leave this world for good. And then, against her best judgment, Rosa goes to a place she never saw before.

There was something funny and magical but mysterious about the beginning of the story, and that magical feeling grows in the plot. There's to many things that Rosa can't explain, things that haven't logic... her head fights against her heart till she finally embraces her destiny. 

Even though, life has a couple of surprises for this woman yet. This trip not only connected her with a side of her she didn't knew, also brings her a chance to love and be loved.

I really enjoyed the rythm of the narration, the bold and funny dialogues, the development of the romantic plot and the addition of supernatural stuff. It was different to other stories that I've read before. Looking forward new titles by this author.

This book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange of an honest review, so thank you to Urbane Publications for the chance. You can grab your copy on Amazon, and check more details through Goodreads.

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