17 de octubre de 2016

#NewRelease TWISTED PALACE by Erin Watt

This is the third installment in The Royals series, and if you weren't ruined enough with the previous books, this will kill you! 

With a plot full of intrigue and suspense, this New Adult/Romance novel take us back to the Royal mansion to discover lots of secrets about those characters created by Elle Kennedy and Jen Frederick under the name of Erin Watt. This is the last book in this series focused on Ella Harper, and the fans around the world are waiting for some news about the upcoming installments. 

Maybe a book about Easton? What about the twins? 

We don't know yet, but let's talk about Twisted Palace while we're waiting: 

These Royals will ruin you…

From mortal enemies to unexpected allies, two teenagers try to protect everything that matters most.

Ella Harper has met every challenge that life has thrown her way. She’s tough, resilient, and willing to do whatever it takes to defend the people she loves, but the challenge of a long-lost father and a boyfriend whose life is on the line might be too much for even Ella to overcome.

Reed Royal has a quick temper and even faster fists. But his tendency to meet every obstacle with violence has finally caught up with him. If he wants to save himself and the girl he loves, he’ll need to rise above his tortured past and tarnished reputation.

No one believes Ella can survive the Royals. Everyone is sure Reed will destroy them all.
They may be right.

With everything and everyone conspiring to keep them apart, Ella and Reed must find a way to beat the law, save their families, and unravel all the secrets in their Twisted Palace.

If you remember, the last book finished with a impressive plot twist, and for a while the readers wondered how this story would end. In our reader's group (The Royal Palace on Facebook) we made some theories about the characters and the story, but nothing prepared us to the real deal. 

Jen and Elle made a wonderful book with an intense storyline, smart dialogues and lovely characters. The suspense was duplicated in this book, new alliances were created and the love between Reed and Ella will be submited to a tough testing. I don't want to share spoilers here, for those who haven't read this series yet, but seriously guys... you need to read this!

Today you can find this book in many online retailers like Amazon (Kindle and paperback), iBooks, B&NKobo and your favorite book stores across the US. You can add this book to your Goodreads TBR and share your comments with other readers too. 

This year was also announced this series will be translated into the Spanish, so I'll update in this subject as soon as I can.

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