22 de octubre de 2016

#Review REUNITED by Daniel Gothard

Hi there! Today I'm gonna talk about one of my latest reads: REUNITED by Daniel Gothard.

When I first talked about this author in the blog, I was reviewing Simon Says and I did tell you about his upcoming release. Well, Reunited was published a few days ago, and I bought it in my kindle inmediately. Why, maybe you're wondering. The answer is easy: first of all, 'cause Daniel's work is always a good read. His previous book was awesome, and I was waiting for this book to be published for a long time. 

Reunited is a piece of art. While I was following the timeline between 1992 and 2012 I felt as in a time machine. It was like being back in highschool, with all the joy and the troubles that were typical in the classroom or the playgrounds. 

As a character, Ben Tallis was well developed. He grew up through the pages, his feelings spilled al over the book: his doubts, his fears, his love. The dilemma between go the reunion or stay home and ignore it... I felt it. It was so realistic and perfectly understandable. Ben, as a journalist, was a inquisitive man. The way he see everything is different... he wants to know, not just the fact but the reasons and the circunstances around the fact. So his mission in the reunion wasn't just reconnect with his past, but understand what happened then and how that affected his life.

To summarize:

I really enjoyed this book and the easygoing narration of Daniel Gothard. Reading this book is like drive a time machine, kick-ass soundtrack included. Ben Tallis was a wonderful character and I loved to be in his head while he was writing his journal. The humor, the music and all the feelings about Ben facing the past were perfect. I feel like I was there, walking to my own High School reunion... It feels so real to me, and I love when a book makes me feel this way. Definitely a must read!

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