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Hi there! You have no idea how long I've waited to share this book with you. I promise this one of the best YA book you'll read this summer, and you regret if you miss it! The Accidentals is the first foray of Sarina Bowen into YA literature, and it's absolutely awesome. Don't believe me? Take a look!

The Accidentals
by Sarina Bowen


A YA novel from USA Today bestselling author Sarina Bowen.

Never ask a question unless you’re sure you want the truth.

I’ve been listening to my father sing for my whole life. I carry him in my pocket on my mp3 player. It’s just that we’ve never met face to face.

My mother would never tell me how I came to be, or why my rock star father and I have never met. I thought it was her only secret. I was wrong.

When she dies, he finally appears. Suddenly I have a first class ticket into my father’s exclusive world. A world I don’t want any part of – not at this cost. 

Only three things keep me going: my a cappella singing group, a swoony blue-eyed boy named Jake, and the burning questions in my soul.
There’s a secret shame that comes from being an unwanted child. It drags me down, and puts distance between me and the boy I love.

My father is the only one alive who knows my history. I need the truth, even if it scares me.

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What I think about this book?

The author says this is her first time writing YA lit, but it's like she was born to do it.

The Accidentals is one of the most heartfelt, deep, bittersweet and beautiful things that I've read this year so far, and I'm thankful with the author for having this book in my life now.

The way the characters were developed, even though you experiment the whole thing from a single point of view, is wonderful! There's no way to read The Accidentals and don't connect with Rachel and her story, to cry with her in sadness, to laugh with her in excitement, to love, and to be afraid... and live through the music in her ears and in her soul.

The Accidentals is full of musical references and analogies, epic quotes and feelings, but also of a light and fresh sense of humor that will keep you smiling the whole time.

This book means a lot to me, because same as Rachel music has been part of my life and I felt that connection with her as she was telling me her story. The evolution of the characters in the book was a beautiful thing to see, as it was Rachel facing her fears, opening her heart and letting herself go.

This isn't an epic love story of two teens, it's the story of a girl who lost someone important in her life and found different kinds of love to help her mend her heart: Friendship, family, music and love. And those are the ingredients that make this book something special and unforgettable.

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