30 de agosto de 2014

Sometimes "your love is evil" but "still I believe that you are gonna save me" (un romance musical)

Carry me over (Avantasia)
"Never been told my prayers would be answered,
wherever I go I see you around. 
Never been told that something that beautiful 
would bring me up to let me down"

Your love is evil (Avantasia)
"You are the one, day after day. 
I'm under your spell and you look away. 
Your love is evil"

The story ain't over (Avantasia)

"When you open your eyes, 
when you gaze at the sky, 
when you look to the stars, 
as they shut down the night, 
You know... this story ain't over"

Save me (Edguy)

"Never seen you, 
I don't even know you're name 
but still I believe 
that you are gonna save me..."

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