29 de abril de 2016

#Review Finding Hope for Tomorrow by Kathryn McNeill Crane

Finding Hope for Tomorrow (Tomorrows #2)
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Every person’s life tells a story.

Some are uncomplicated, straightforward, and easy. Things fall into place with a simplicity that boggles the mind.

Others twist and turn, and every day is centered on fighting and scraping, yet never finding victory.

And then there are those who gain an inch only to be knocked back a foot. They love. They fight. They stumble. They fall. But through it all, they stagger to their feet, step back on life’s path, and push through until they win. For these people, happiness is not an illusion. It’s a truth, a promise, worth any effort, any scars, but just out of arm’s reach. It stands at the end of the path, taunting and teasing, tempting them to take one more blow. 

And in the end, the battles make victory sweeter. More valued. More precious than ever imagined. More than any one person could hope. 

This is Liam’s story. 
Loyal, protective, shoulders stronger than Atlas'. 
Broken, worn, battered. 
Win or lose, he’s ready to fight for what tomorrow brings. 

Life. Love. Healing. Hope

* * *

After we meet and fall in love with the story of Wrynn and Tripp, comes the story of Liam Broun. Finding Hope for Tomorrow comes to give answers to some questions that were in the air in the previous book.

One of the things I liked about the style of this author is that, despite a romantic story, her characters and plots are deep and well developed. The timelines are giving us a broader view of the life of a hardworking young man who made a mistake in the past and has punished himself for long refusing to let love enter to his life.

Life serves him another chance with a girl named Elizabeth. And just as his "Happily Ever After" is looming on the horizon, a ghost from the past appears again.

One of the most important lessons that leaves this novel is that love, TRUE LOVE, heals, forgive and never fails.

I loved every second of this beautiful novel. I hope to have chance to continue reading this author.

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