17 de mayo de 2016

#Review Wicked Heart by Leisa Rayven

Wicked Heart (Starcrossed #3) 
Published by St. Martin's Griffin 
You can find it on Amazon and Goodreads.

Liam Quinn is talented, gorgeous, and one of the biggest movie stars in the world. 

He's also the only man Elissa Holt has ever truly loved. 

After being out of her life for six years, he and his gorgeous fiancé are set to star in the new Broadway show Elissa is stage managing. The only trouble is, when late night rehearsals bring Elissa and Liam together, the line between what is and what could have been gets blurred, and one moment of weakness will lead to a scandal that echoes around the world.

Elissa knows that falling for Liam again would be a tragedy in the making, but as any good romantic will tell you, love doesn’t always follow the script.

* * *

When I started to read I had no idea about the author (yup, I live under a rock), but I read the blurb and saw the cover and... well It was love at first sight. The narrative style of the author is so fresh and funny, and I loved it!

This is a second chance romance with a wonderful scenario: the theater world.

Elissa Holt is a stage manager and she's working in a new production that will bring someone from her past. The handsome and talented actor Liam Quinn. But he's not coming alone. Angel Bell, his fianceé, is by his side. They will be the main characters on the play, and somehow they connected as friends with Elissa and her partner Josh (take a look at this guy, he deserves his own story).

There's one thing that you need to know about Wicked Heart, as soon as you start reading, the whole world disappear. The first person narration is personal, fun and hooks you from the first chapter; even when it's part of a serie, it can be read as a standalone and I promise, you will enjoy it.

This novel has everything! There's romance, drama, friendship, comedy, and a little of intrigue.

The characters will ruin you (I finished the book a couple of weeks ago and I'm still thinking about them). Not only because you can spy the Elissa's mind and have fun with her, also you will see how all the characters grown and evolve.

I totally recomend it.

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