3 de junio de 2016

#Interview Alice Clayton talks about Cream of the Crop

I'm so happy because I had the chance to interview one of my favorite writers so far. I love her books, her sense of humor and her characters, and I know some of my followers love her too. 

She is promoting a brand new series called Hudson Valley, and the new installment in this series, Cream of the Crop, will be out on July 12. 

Maybe you wanna add it to your TBR.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is part of my interview with the wonderful writer Alice Clayton.

* * *

1) First of all, thank you so much for let us know about your upcoming book “The cream of the crop”. This is the second installment in the Hudson Valley Series, after Nuts. How do you feel about this new series? 

I am 100% truly madly deeply in love with this series, I really am! And I'm super excited for CREAM OF THE CROP, I hope readers enjoy reading about Natalie and Oscar as much as I've enjoyed writing about them. 

2) For those readers who didn't read your new series yet, what will they find in Hudson Valley? 

Food, sex, farmers, sex, sass, growing things and sexing things... 

3) I fell in love with your books since Wallbanger (it was my very first time with one of your books), and it was translated into to many languages, included Spanish. Is there any project to translate Hudson Valley Series any time soon? 

YES! We are in talks as we speak to make sure Hudson Valley is translated around the world. 

4) The Cream of The Crop is an amazing story, and I loved it! Talk me about Oscar. How did you imagined him? How about Natalie? How did you imagined her? 

Oscar I always imagined as a very grouchy Jason Momoa. Mmmm. And Natalie was so much fun for me to play with. I've always wanted to have a heroine that was a true curvy girl, who gets the hot guy not because she's lost a bunch of weight or because the guy is some kind of chubby chaser, but just a great gal with a beautiful man on her arm who just happens to also be a curvy girl. 

5) Your female characters are always strong, smart and funny girls, do you feel identified with them? 

Sometimes. I tend to be a bit loud, a bit over the top so it makes sense that my ladies would be the same :)

6) Do you have any message for your Hispanic readers? 

Oh my goodness, just that I love you crazy ladies and I can't wait for you to be able to devour Leo and Oscar in Spanish!

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