31 de agosto de 2016

#NewRelease (+ REVIEW) YOU ARE HERE by S.M. Lumetta

Hi everyone! 

I'm here to talk you again about new books. Yes! I love new books, also I love sharing those books with you. 

This week, SM Lumetta released her novel YOU ARE HERE, a stunning story that take us into an intense and suspenseful journey to love. I just finished reading this book, and I don't want to spoil you, so I'm going to share a few details so you can join me with this read.

First of all, THE COVER. The art accompanying this book is gorgeous. This is the first thing atracting your eye: a handsome man with a longing gaze. The mix of colors and light is kinda romantic, if you ask me. I loved it.

After that, we find THE BLURB. It's so intriguing you wanna know what happens. It's perfect.

* * *

Lucie Gideon wakes up in a hospital, alone. Her family is dead and her home is gone, but she can’t remember a thing. She soon discovers, however, she can glimpse the future, and everything she sees seems to revolve around a mysterious man she's never met. 

Greyson Ellicott hasn’t been a part of normal society in a decade. As a contract killer, he's learned to deaden himself so he doesn’t have to think or feel for anything or anyone. His carefully buried memory cracks open and reminds him of what he left behind. 

When Lucie and Greyson meet head-on, destinies collide. Grey doesn't want to care about—let alone fall in love with—the crazy girl who has visions of him, but she's in the crosshairs of a murderer and he may be the only one who can save her.

* * *

Loved this book. It was a funny and romantic story with an intense background, the relationship between the characters was nothing but atypical and I liked that.

Lucie is an interesting person. She lost her memories but discovered she has a gift, she can see the future, and in this future there's a handsome and mysterious man.

Grey is the man in Lucie's dreams (literally). He has a very special job and because os that he's been aparted of everyone and everything. Lucie touched his heart but he believes he doesn't deserve love.

This novel is so good that I can't wait to bring the paperback to read it again. It's a lovely story, beautiful and heartfelt. Loved the secondary characters as much as the lead couple.

S.M. Lumetta has a winner novel here, and you can find the book following these links:

* Amazon US: http://amzn.to/29pv30M (Kindle Edition) and http://amzn.to/2bCEAnl (Paperback)

See ya on saturday, I mean, read ya! lol.

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