11 de octubre de 2016

#Review SURVIVING FAITH by Joy Eileen

Surviving Faith (JackholeS #2)

Faith valiantly tries to deny her explosive attraction to Kill. She finally caves into him when a frightening run-in with her ex, causes her to reevaluate her need to stay away. And she can't help wondering why she took so long. Kill is everything she's always wanted in a man, except he's about to be famous.
Now that she has accepted him, can she keep him? Or will her crippling fears get the best of her?

Kill knows that he has a lot of work ahead of him to break through Faith's walls. He didn't expect her to put up such a tough fight. 
With his imminent stardom looming, he has to make a choice. Should he continue to fight for Faith's love and trust, or should he let her go and live his dream without the woman he loves?

Surviving Faith is the second installment of the JackholeS series.

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I read this book in exchange of a honest review, also I read the previous installment beforehand. In BREAKING FAITH we found a young woman who left behind a toxic relationship with a man. She was terrified, not just because this man was a violent asshole, she didn't had idea what to do with her life.

I enjoyed the first book. The first person narration, an intense plot, wonderful characters and all the feelings spilled through the pages. For me, it was a great experience to discover this author with that novel... and when I started this second installment I had so many theories about the Faith's future but I have to admit I was surprised for the way Joy resolve the plot, how the characters grew up through the book and how new developments were revealed. 

Surviving Faith is a story about Faith and Kill's journey to love, about the constant fight to find ourselves, about dreams, friendship and music, but also is about breaking with the toxic situations that harm us and start a new life.

I don't know what the author will publish next, but I would love to keep reading about the JackholeS soon. 

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