5 de abril de 2017

ARC REVIEW - Claimed by Power by Zoey Ellis

Claimed by Power by Zoey Ellis is live! 
Let's celebrate together this new release talking about sexy and supernatural stuff! *wink*

Thea Robinson has never needed anyone’s charity. Sure, her impoverished existence isn’t desired by most, but her ability to manipulate people’s emotions helps her to blend into the shadows of an unforgiving city. When hideous creatures threaten her life, a surly but gorgeous stranger shows up revealing a world she didn’t know existed. She refuses to put up with his rude, arrogant attitude, but how do you dismiss a warrior angel? And does she really want to when his stormy gaze sends delicious thrills straight to her core?

Cam is one of the most ruthless Power angels in the fight against evil. His devotion to kill demons has made him a celebrated warrior in the Angel Realm, even though his motivation stems from grief. When he is assigned to train and protect a half-angel just coming into her abilities, his rage is unparalleled. Until he realizes Thea isn’t like any others. She stirs a carnal passion in him that he can’t shake. He never counted on her being so beautiful… so fierce… so most definitely his.

I've been a fan of Paranormal Romance for a while. I lost the count of the books that I've read and I've enjoyed through the years. Lately, and because of the predictable that the Paranormal stories where turning to me, I started to try different things. Claimed by Power was a wonderful excuse to read PNR again and now I'm going to talk you about this book.

I met the author thanks to a email, and she kindly asked me to read her work. I was thrilled because I love discovering new authors and stories. It's exciting! In this first talk she explained the storyline to me and I was totally intrigued! I had to read it!

A few weeks later I received my ARC and falled in love with Cam and Thea. To tell I enjoyed the story is an understatement. Angels and Demons, the eternal fight between good and evil, is the background for this romance. Duty, fears, love, lust and secrets are part of the mix to spice up this novel, and the author is amazing shaking things off.

Thea is an intriguing character, strong and smart, loyal and passionate, but there's too many things she doesn't know about herself or about her family. She started to see strange criatures, ugly demon-shaped things, and she thought she was losing her mind. Danger is creeping around, closer than she imagine. The good and the evil fighting even if she doesn't know it, and her life is about to change when the misterious Cam appears in front of her. 

Cam is a warrior. His body is a weapon, strong and well trained. He's ready for the battle, he knows how to beat every enemy, for the only thing he's not prepared is for train a nephilim. Especially if that nephilim is as attractive as Thea.

They despise each other. Thea refuse to lean in a man, no matter if he's human or angel. She's very capable to stand for herself, to protect herself... at least that's what she think. But there's more danger than gangs and thiefs in the streets. And Cam will be assign to train her and protect her. 

Their attraction is undeniable. The way their bodies respond to the closeness, to every touch, is almost magical. They will fight their attraction, but some battles are lose before are started. 

Thea needs Cam to learn how to fight against the dangers threatening her life, and Cam needs Thea to learn how to feel again. Together they will be unstoppable, but some love stories aren't easy. This is one of those.

I enjoyed this book a lot. Loved the characters and the way the author narrates every detail about them, the scenery, the beautiful and the ugly, the background stories, the secrets threatening with be revealed, the dialogues... I loved every single detail. There's some traditions about angels and demons, some stories taught by the different religions, but Zoey Ellis plays freely with them to develop this novel. She creates her own rules, her own universe, and that's wonderful.

This book is a standalone, but the story about Cam and Thea follows in the next book (TBA). I recommend this book for all the paranormal romance lovers, or simply for all of the readers who enjoy a good love story.

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