30 de mayo de 2017


Behind the flashbulbs and the glamour of the show business, not all that glitters it's gold.

Oakley Ford is a celebrity. He's a pop star, son of two famous movie stars. He has all that anyone would dream, but he wasn't happy. His life resolve around music, but he found himself unable to creat more songs. His lifetime dream was to work with a famous producer, but with his reputation as a wild and inmature boy, nobody would take him seriously. His career isn't as shinny as it was in the past, and he wil accept to do whatever it takes to keep his dream alive. And when I say 'whatever' I'm saying ANYTHING!

When his manager proposed to fake a relationship with a fan, Oakley wasn't sure how that would help him, but he agreed. That's when we met Vaughn, the "fangirl". The perfect "fake girlfriend".

Vaughn Bennett is a normal girl. She will take the job and pretend to be Oakley's girlfriend for her family's sake, but she doesn't like him. Not even a little bit. That gig is a job. A job that will put food in her table and money in her bank account to help her sister to take care of the things. But somehow, all the lies turned in something more. Tha fakeness started to die when the feelings between them started to flow.

Admiration, doubts, fear, attraction... how thin is the line between pretention and real love? And how a relationship that started as a fake will become something real?

When it's Real has a stunning storyline, characters with strong personalities who will fight to be faithfull to themselves while they´re pretending to be in love, and a addictive narrative rythm that will hook you up since the first page. The development of the plot is perfection. The emotional ride, the evolution of the characters and their relationship, and how Oakley finally found "his sound" was incredible.

This book is the first produced by Erin Watt out of The Royals world, and it was refreshing. The authors keep that particular voice of them, that style that's fresh and funny, but with a side of drama, and take it to a new level of awesomeness. I really enjoyed how they reflected the music (and show) bussiness and the life (and problems) of a young rock star. As I said before, not all that glitters is gold, and Vaughn discovered it fast enough. I think is safe to say I'm a fan of Erin Watt. I'm impressed for their creativity, and their capacity to make us connect with their characters and the feelings they put into their books. Can't wait for more of their work.

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