30 de mayo de 2017

#CoverReveal VENGEANCE (AMONG MONSTERS 2) by Laura B. Martinez

Vengeance Laura B Martinez Coming Soon.jpg
Vengeance (Among Monsters Book 2)
by Laura B. Martinez
Genre: Dark Romance/ Romantic Suspense
Cover Design: PopKitty Design/Sybil Wilson
Release Date: TBA

Vengeance ECover.jpg


Hunters. Killers. Monsters.
That’s what people think we are.
What they don’t know is we’re their saviors.
They say souls can recognize each other and that’s exactly what happened the first time I felt Sebastian Keller, but our timing wasn’t right.
Now, he’s become a shadow, a relentless assassin that everyone fears – except me.
His thirst for vengeance is consuming him. How can I save him from the one thing that's giving his life purpose?

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Laura hails from Hell, as a destroyer of hopes and a keeper of souls, she enjoys writing dark and twisted tales while destroying the lives of happy people. As a seeker of knowledge, she’d rather spend hours doing research than join the land of the living in the outside world. When she takes a break from devastating humankind with her words, you can find her enjoying the pleasures that can only be obtained from her other favorite forms of art: movies, music, and coffee.

VENERABLE, book one in the Among Monsters series, is her debut novel, where she hopes to bring readers to the dark side and in the future she would love to venture into other genres. Be prepared for one helluva ride.

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