10 de abril de 2016

#Review Paper Princess by Erin Watt

When Erin Watt said "These Royals will ruin you", she meant it. And I'm talking about Erin as one person, but in fact that's the signature of two authors. Elle Kennedy and Jen Frederick.

Last week I read Paper Princess, the first novel of The Royals trilogy, and now I have a massive book hangover. 

I finished it in a couple of hours... I just couldn't put it down, but it took me a couple of days to ease my mind and start a new reading, because I couldn't just let go the story. 

Even I joined to a support group, lol ('cause all we are #RoyallyRuined in our Facebook's Royal Palace).

Paper Princess is a New Adult story where, in first place, we met Ella. She is a survivor, a strong young girl who lost to much in a very short time, but she don't spend time complaining, she just keep fighting for a better life. 

But maybe her methods isn't conventionals...

Then, we met Callum Royal. He's the best friend of the Ella's father and now he's designated as her legal guardian. When he take her home, the fun (or the nightmare), begins.
Callum have an interesting family. His sons -Reed, Easton, Sawyer and Sebastian (the twins) and Gideon- don't like to Ella. At least that's the first impression. Maybe they're afraid of that strange girl having a hidden agenda with their father... maybe they have their reasons to think that way. I don't know, you have to read to find it out.

* * *

As the story continues, I discovered aspects of Ella's personality, and of the Royal boys, that caught me completely. She has to attend Astor, the new school, but Royals run that place. 

And, what happen when you are the less favorite person of these guys? Yup! A fun trip! 

But Ella find a friend, Val, and it makes her adventure in this glamorous place a little more interesting.

* * *

The Royal family, as Ella, have lost a lot too, and they made what they think was the right thing in order to heal themselves. To get out of their dark place. 

The kids... they are such a lovely boys, with a deep affection need... they are like the lost boys on Peter Pan, you know. 

Reed is handsome, and sexy, but he's a protector. Easton is the 'party boy', the reckless, but he is gentle and sweet (and funny as hell). The twins... well, they're specials too, lol. Also Callum have some skeletons in his closet.

* * *

But things don't shine forever in the Royal palace, and some people want to send Ella back to the place where she came from. 

She is a rock in a very expensive shoe.

But there's a long journey for Ella to discover the people with whom she can trust. And for them to find out that they can trust in her.

At the end of the first book I have too many questions and theories, and so much anxiety because of the cruelest cliffhanger ever!

* * *

Next book will be out in July, meantime you can check this links:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/1699049607003688 (THE ROYAL PALACE - discussion group)

* * *

Grab your copy and read Paper Princess:

* * *

Note: It's the longest english review that I wrote since I started with my blog, I'm still having issues with the language, so if there's any mistakes or misunderstandings, please let me know.

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