17 de noviembre de 2016

#NewRelease (+REVIEW) BIANCA by Jessica Caryn

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Release date 11/17
Cover Artist: AM Creations
Author Name: Jessica Caryn
Genre: Erotic Romance



I had the commitment part down. It’s the bullshit I can’t take. I’m a sweetheart and a pleaser. Brett knew it and used it. He was left hurt in the end. I tried to online date. I was phone stalked. Liam was an asshole. I realized the serial dating and hook ups weren’t for me. Is great sex with one guy too much to ask for?
My current situation – a random argument with the new but old ex.
He won’t return the key to the building.
A knock on the door changed it all…
Bianca didn’t know the new repair man. Her request will lead to an intimate conversation with Dawson Flint. She’ll find out he’s much more than building maintenance...

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My Review:

I just finished reading this story. It was short, intense and sexy, narrated in first person from two different points of view. Bianca knows what she wants, and she's not afraid to take it. She's pretty, smart and sexy, she enjoys sex but it's been a long time since her last relationship. Her ex boyfriend is an asshole, and he still harrash her everywhere, even though she has noting to do with him.

Dawson is an smart and handsome guy. He first came to her house to fix the shower, and their attraction was almost instant. But Dawson isn't what she thinks. He has some secrets that she's about to discover.

The plot is pretty simple. Handsome guy meets sexy girl and feels attracted. They have some sexual tension flying around, there are secrets and jelousy, but at the end, the story isn't complicated at all. It's romantic, sexy, the characters are charming and you can read it quickly. It was my first book of this author, and I've said before how much I love discovering new authors. If you're looking for a fun and sexy ride with your kindle, try with this book.

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