12 de noviembre de 2016

#Review ALL FALL DOWN by Geneva Lee

I finished reading All Fall Down by Geneva Lee a couple of nights ago, and after two books wondering who killed to Nathaniel West, I finally have my answer.

In By invitation only we were introduced to Emma's world. A world ruled by money and lies. Emma doesn't feel that she belongs at Belle Mère Prep, and when friend begs her to crash an invite-only, end of the year party, she must have said no. But she didn't. This party was all wrong for her, until she met Jamie. He seems to be just like her.  He seems to be perfect. Until the night is over and hell breaks loose. 

After that, in Sin never sleps Emma awakes after a confusing accident to realise she's no longer in Las Vegas. Jamie is in jail and she started to make theories about all the suspects in the Nathaniel West murder. She also finds a lot of stuff about her family, Jamie's friends and about tha murder's night. But she needs to go back to Las Vegas to clean both her name and Jamie's name. 

Finally, in All Fall Down all the cards started to take place in the table. secrets and Lies are revealed, changing everybody's life. Jamie and Emma fight to be together and at the end, they find the truth about the Nathaniel's murder. And dude, you didn't see that coming.

I loved this series so much. I loved the drama, the young romance and the suspense in the plot. It was fantastic the way the author developed all the story. It was my first time reading Geneva Lee, but I'm sure I'll be following closer from now on.

If you're a New Adult reader, and you love romantic or suspenseful stories, this is for you.

You can find more about this books following my previous entries.

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