10 de septiembre de 2016

Gallery Paperback Trifecta Giveaway! (US ONLY)

Hi everyone!

I know you guys love books as much as I do, so (and thanks to Gallery Books) I'm giving away 3 paperbacks for one lucky winner. The giveaway will be open just for US citizens, and the books will be sent by the publisher directly.

All you have to do is complete the rafflecopter tasks to entry. Good luck!

One more thing, guys...

Are you a romance reader? What subgenre is your favorite? Let's chat ;)

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swbookworm dijo...

I love romance and my favorite sub-genre is Rom-Com!

@ExtremeDamage dijo...

Love Rom-Com too :) Good luck!

swbookworm dijo...

Thank you! :)

Diana Laura dijo...

I'm like the biggest romance reader EVER.
I love contemporary romance and young adult and new adult and romantic comedies and pretty much everything "romantic".
I'm dying to read these books, let's pray to my lucky stars that I get lucky enough to win this!
Thank you so much for the chance 🦄🌸✨

@ExtremeDamage dijo...

You're a little bit like me, I love romance novels... no matter the subgenre :)
Good luck!

Alexandra Pattinson dijo...

I love Romance and my fav subgendres is: Contemporany Romance :)

Alexandra Tolentino dijo...

I love Romance and my fav subgendre is: Contemporany Romance :)

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