1 de febrero de 2017

#Review GOOD BOY (Wags #1) by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

Hi there, everyone! 

Yesterday was an special day 'cause it was the release of a book that I was waiting for so long. I'm talking about #GoodBoy, first part on the WAGS series by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy (authors of HIM and US). 

If you remember ('cause I talked about #Wesmie in this blog) Him and Us were sport romance books about a M/M couple, Wesley and Jamie. If you also remember, I loved those books so much. Well, this is about Jamie  Canning's sister, Jess, the one who taked care of him when he was sick (if you think this is a spoiler, you should run for your life, grab a copy of HIM and US, read them, and then come back here) and Blake Riley, one of the Wesley's teammates.

At the beggining of this book we have a wedding date. The Hockey's hottest couple finally is getting married. Jess is trying her luck as a wedding planner, and Blake is the best man. She can stop thinking about what happened the last time she was in the same room with Blake Riley, and he remember that day too... Jessica's best keeped secret is about to be revealed? Are they up for a replay? Well, you need to read #GoodBoy to discover it.

This novel is one of the most funny and romantics I've read lately. I'd enjoyed Sarina and Elle's writing since the beggining, but with this book I'm seriously amazed and pleased. This book have the most ridiculous situations, and I loved it. Blake's charm and his weird lingo were so much fun. Jessica's journey through college was wonderful: the hard beginning, the learning, her interactions with the young girl in the hospital... I went from laughs to tears (and back to laughs) while I was reading. I loved to "see" Jamie and Wes again. I enjoyed to "be" with the Cannings again. But above all those things, I loved how the authors included dogs (and some lines to call your attention about adopting instead of buying a pet).

Good Boy is the perfect read for all the romance book's lovers: It's touching and sweet, but also so damn sexy and absolutely hilarious as well. BE CAREFUL! Don't read it while your drinking coffee (soda or... well, anything). It could be dangerous. Take my word on this.

Note: If you bought #GoodBoy already, then you have to know #Stay (second installment in this series) is coming soon. You can add it to your TBR on Goodreads.

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Modus Leyendi dijo...

OMFG, I think I've just spoiled myself with the #Bless thing but it is worth it because I didn't know that this book did exist so I'm really happy of being able to read a little more of Wes and Jamie's world. ♥_♥ Thanks so much for the revieew!!


@ExtremeDamage dijo...

'Sara! I'm so sorry for the spoiler xD lol

#Wesmie was such a beautiful couple. I just can get over them. But Blake and Jessica are awesome too, I'm sure you will enjoy the book :)

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