24 de mayo de 2017

ARC REVIEW - BUNS (Hudson Valley #3) by Alice Clayton

I've grown to love Alice Clayton's writing. Her funny, fresh and direct style have the power of hook you since page 1 and never let you go. With the Hudson Valley series she's been sharing stories full of humor and sexy moments, with a little bit of drama but with a whole lot of romance. Stories to ponder about friendship, love and family, and about all the things that are important in our lives. Buns is one of those stories. 

We first met Clara, a smart and sucesful woman who's focused in her career. She's friend with Roxie and Natalie, so when her boss send her to work in a project restoring Bryant Mountain House in Bailey Falls, she knows it's the perfect chance to expend some time with her girlsfriends. What she wasn't expecting was to met Archie Bryant. The man with the buns.

Archie is a smart and handsome man, charming with his clients and caring about his employees. He's preparing himself to take the reins at Bryant Mountain House, so when the smart-mouth of clara started to suggest changes about the building and the bussiness he didn't take it good. Well, he doens't deal good with changes in general.

The chemistry between the characters is INSANE. The funny exchanges between Archie and Clara are HILARIOUS and so friggin HOT. I enjoyed a lot the first person narration and the rhythm, how the characters evolved in the story and acknowledged their feelings. To acept the love isn't easy for that people who never experienced the feeling before. It isn't easy either to love again after experiencing the lost of your beloved one.  Archie and Clara must find each other and make their 'trust fall'. And what a fall! 

I really really loved this book and had a good time reading it, I reccomend it to all the romance and comedy lovers, and the fans of the HEA.

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