13 de junio de 2017

ARC REVIEW - Ruined by Power by Zoey Ellis

After reading Claimed by Power, I was wondering what happened to Thea and Cam. Ruined by Power, the second installment in the Empire of Angel series was published last week and now I can tell you about them. 

Not all habits can be broken…

Powerful, half-angel Thea faces the scrutiny of the Angel Realm and is beginning to realize that angels are nothing like how they are depicted in the human world. She is intrigued to hear information about her family and pursues the history that has been hidden to her for so long. As Thea tries to get the answers she needs, her faith in Cam is shaken when truths about him are revealed.

Power angel Cam is concerned when he realizes the Angel Realm has plans for Thea he wasn’t made aware of. He fights to keep her close and protect her from the challenges she faces. However, when the pressures on their relationship bear down, he teeters on the edge of a darkness that could cause her to walk away from him forever.

Ruined by Power is the second book in the Empire of Angels series, a paranormal alpha angel romance series. If you’re a fan of alpha heroes, powerful heroines, paranormal worlds and destined mates, start with the first book, Claimed By Power. 

***About the end: This book is a continuation of Cam and Thea’s story and there is cliff-hanger at the end.***

Sexual scenes and strong language included. Not suitable for readers under 18.

Thea and Cam are now in the Angel Realm. They discovered they are natural mates and want to ask permission to mate. But since they set feet in the realm, things started to get weird. 

Elithea was called to train with other angels due her special powers. There she met Dani, who became her friend. Thea ignores too many things about the Angel Realm, the purpose of the different kinds of angels and what will happen with her and Cam, but what she know for certain is that she loves him.

Cam can't be appart from Thea. The separation from his natural mate has him on edge, so he asked Zak for advice and help. When he finds her again all the heat and the passion explodes. Their chemistry is even hotter in this book, it's amazing. The raw emotions, the need for contact... loved it!

Then Thea must start a difficult mission. To find her mother and discover her real nature. The doubts and the sadness will rock her world, but Cam will be there for her. The time pass and they don't find any clue about Thea's mom. Cam is required to start a mission on his own and he's forced to leave Thea behind. Their apparent peace starts to crumble, the light and peace they find in each other starts to dissapear and Cam succumbs to rage and darkness while in his mission. Thea is worried about him and wants to help him, but Cam is stubborn...

I enjoyed this book a lot. The previous one was good, but this is awesome. The narrative rythm was improved, the characters and the plot evolved nicely and I can't be more in love with the story. Thea and Cam has to fight some difficult battles, and the cliffhanger at the end is crazy, but really loved how the author developed Ruined by Power. There are many surprises in this book, and many questions in the air to be resolved in the next book. I highly recommend this to all the PNR lovers. Personal note: Can't wait to read it Awakened by Power!

What's next in this series?
Coming on August 7, 2017.

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